Buildingan Online Community

Gemeinsam lernen

Nijmegen / Dortmund / Vileyka / Mogiliov, April 2019
Community Development and Digitalization

I visited Belarus several times. My goal was to learn more about the country and to get in touch with the people.  I am curious on  exchanging ideas, in special with the topic community development, health and digitalization.

In April 2019 I introduced ideas of community development and digitalization from my German and Dutch projects to local NGO´s and municipality employee´s in Belarus. One of the workshops was held in Vileyka district, the other in Mogilev.

The following article about my workshop has been published in Belarus:

„The modern world is developing very rapidly, new technologies are coming to us, we are using an increasing number of digital gadgets – phones, netbooks, tablets, e-books. All this to a certain extent creates comfort for a person, but, at the same time, makes him more lonely and devoid of live communication. …“

The funding of the workshops was made possible by Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Agenda 21 NRW e.V. (LAG 21 NRW),  IBB Dortmund –  Internationales Bildungs- und Begegnungswerk from Germany.

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